Sales & Marketing Associate (Campaign - Fashion)

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Job Description

Job Descriptions:
  • Conceptualize, develop and execute marketing campaigns from end to end.
  • Ensure smooth and timely execution of campaigns.
  • Create campaigns production schedules, monitor activity and notify stakeholders of relevant fluctuations.
  • Coordinate campaign tasks across all departments and ensure all pertinent project information is communicated to team members and continual monitoring for progress.
  • Promote the company's existing brands and introduce new products to the market.
  • Prepare monthly budget plans, analyze & schedule expenditures, and ensure that the sales meet their quotas and goals.
  • Research and develop marketing opportunities and plans, understand consumer requirements, identify market trends, and suggest system improvements to achieve the company's marketing goals.

Job Requirements:
  • Have a background in E-Commerce Industry/Agency & Brands is a plus
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment with tight deadline
  • Able to create campaign strategic & planning and analyze the report
  • Have a basic understanding of marketing & the channel's purposes
  • Familiar with Google Spreadsheet/Docs, Ms. Excel and Ms. PowerPoint
  • Comfortable working with data with substantial metrics
  • High integrity, ownership and negotiation skill
  • Able to coordinate with all related stakeholders in a positive manner

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