Front-end Developer (Contract Based)

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Job Description

At The Aleph-Labs, Senior Front-end Developer is the person who makes the user’s digital experience real on every digital touchpoint we use to develop our projects. You will develop web and mobile client-side projects that will be integrated with Social Media platforms. Not only will you play a pivotal role in maintaining the highest quality of the execution of a project, you will also keep an eye on the big picture. Your challenge will be to explore new, alternative solutions besides the already-well-established ones, always keeping an eye on the deadlines.

More specifically, you will carry out the following tasks:
Design and develop client-oriented web applications with dynamic, cross-browser, responsive UI.

Develop on internal API or external platforms (social networks, API vendors)

Optimize assets, rendering, and caching requests in order to facilitate the software usage

Manage the technology department and compile a thorough documentation

Collaborate with project teams in order to pinpoint the best and most innovative development solutions
Highly skilled in Javascript (proficient in either React, Vue, Angular)

Advanced experience in UI development in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

Experience with version control systems (Git)

3 to 5 years of experience within a company or a Digital Agency

Receptiveness, and the ability to receive and process feedback both from the client and from the different departments within the agency

The capacity to work in a diverse team and effectively manage client-oriented and internal projects

Excellent communication skills, that will enable you to write an easy-to-read software and convey its features to team members and other users

Analytical yet creative approach to every phase of the project and a deep understanding of requirements, in order to come up with the best software components

Fearless attitude towards unfamiliar frameworks. You learn quickly and keep pace with technology changes

A blend of detail-oriented and big-picture thinking, so that you, at any moment, know what you are working towards, and what to do should anything unexpected occur

Sharp, logical thinking combined with proficiency in maths, abstractions & computational models

Good to have

Diploma/Bachelors/Master in Information Technology, Informatics, Design or equivalent

Previous experience with development on Mini Apps and A/B testing.

Confidence with full-stack frameworks (such as AngularJS)

Confidence with non-relational databases (such as MongoDB)

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