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Job Description

Ecommerce's Governance and Experience is a global team responsible for ensuring our marketplace is safe and trustworthy for not only our users but also sellers and creators. We value user satisfaction and work on policies, rules, and systems to ensure quality.

1. Excellent Indonesian speaking skills and knowing well about the culture as well as local customs. Candidate with experience of living or online shopping in Indonesia will be a plus;
2. Understanding Indonesian e-commerce in areas such as payment methods and logistic delivery. Be familiar with local social media platforms and forums;
3. Excellent communication skills, can handle conversations on Whatsapp or via phone calls in Indonesian;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility. Can respond to inquiries in time and support team members consistently during campaign activities.
1. Fluency in both English and Bahasa Indonesian is a must;
2. You are interested in the e-commerce industry and adaptive to a fast-paced working environment;
3. You are organized and pay close attention to details;
4. You feel comfortable reaching out to new people, working with people from different countries, departments, and seniority levels;
5. You are a reliable person, with a good sense of judgment and critical thinking;
6. You are able to commit at least 3 months of internship.

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