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Job Description

Job Description: Grab Internship Program Overview: Be a part of an exciting internship journey with the Grab Internship Program! Our internship program is designed to provide a real-world experience that enables you to put everything you've learned into action and give you an opportunity to join us in driving South East Asia forward together. The interns in Grab Internship Program will be placed in one of the following business units/departments, such as (but not limited to) GrabFood, GrabMart, GrabKitchen, 2W & Logistics, 4Wheels, GrabAds, GrabKios, GrabRentals, etc. This batch of the internship program will be conducted for 3 months, from February 2022-May 2022. Get to Know the Creative Marketing, Campaign, & Communications Project Scope: You will have to deliver ideas related to creative and relations purposes, such as creating creative content, marketing campaigns, or developing communications & partnership strategies with internal and external parties. The output is to promote Grab’s products and manage Grab’s reputation through media relations and other communications channels. Under this project scope, you will work closely with (but not limited to):
  • Creative Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Public Relations Team
  • Public Affairs Team
  • Business Development Team
  • Corporate Culture Team
  • and many other teams that work closely with creative, communications, and partnership strategy.
Requirements for Creative Marketing, Campaign, & Communications Project Scope:
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25 and coming from top universities
  • College students or fresh graduates with a background in Visual Communication Design (DKV), Marketing, Communication, Public Relations, Law, International Relations, or other similar majors.
  • College students or fresh graduates from unrelated majors with experience in design, copywriting, public relations, marketing campaign, and partnership (from campus or previous internship) are also acceptable.
  • Proficiency in photo and video editing tools (i.e Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator), copywriting, and/or other creative content production would be a plus.
  • Excellent English communication in both written and verbal.
  • Computer literate and technological savvy.

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