Graphic Designer & Video Editor - Rekata Studio

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Job Description

Rekata Studio is a digital media and entertainment company with a passion for storytelling across multiple mediums. Using our platform, we aim to produce compelling stories that we deliver through films, television, books, and other derivative products.

As the graphic designer & dummy specialist, you will be responsible for designing various design materials for Rekata.

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Develop and oversee all design projects and creative processes (concepts, visual composition, graphics, and layout);

Provides all graphic design needs both 2D and 3D and also video editing needs;

Build strong visual communication projects to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers;

Work with different departments in order to fulfill a variety of projects;

Up to date with design trends in our outside industries and think creatively.


This is a professional hire (non-employee) opportunity . You will have full responsibility for this role with a hybrid work plan. You will be present when there are offline projects to be done and work from home whenever possible.
Bachelor's degree fresh graduate in Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Imaging, Branding, Web Design, Interactive Design, or related fields;

Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, or similar tools;

Able to create 3D designs for product pitching purposes;

Solid experience in video editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, AVID, etc) and also retouching skills

A strong portfolio of work in creative designs that includes but not limited to media promotions, infographics, website, content, and social media artwork;

Strong interest in books, pop culture, film, and internet culture;

Good aesthetic sense in typography, colors, layout, and visual composition;

Good attention to detail and design aesthetics with strong solutions-driven;

Strong understanding and communication skill;

Able to work on a tight deadline;

Team player and able to manage workload well.

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