UI/UX Designer (Freelance) (Remote)

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Job Description

Deliver a holistic, end-to-end, user-centric solution that will impact our users and business.


  • Work closely with product, engineering and data to collectively define the users’ problem and formulate solutions in any suitable forms (i.e. product features, backend improvements, service design, etc)
  • Hands on in the end-to-end product design process from empathising towards users’ problems, ideation, down to validating and monitoring on the proposed solution
  • Own and actively participate in conducting user research and user testing/validation processes
  • Produce high quality wireframe and prototypes to be used throughout the whole product design process from ideation, crafting, to validation and handoff
  • Document the design process for each feature, such as research findings, ideations, and usability testing, and release and monitor the impact after the product release


  • Has a minimum 3 years of proven experience as UX/UI Designer or Product Designer, either as an in-house or contract/freelance
  • Strong proficiency in product design with extensive and demonstrated expertise in visual hierarchy, layout, and information architecture
  • A portfolio of works that demonstrates the design process and problem solving skills in a real-world case
  • Must have required technical skills in: user research, crafting (wireframing, prototyping, handoff), user testing & validation
  • Deep empathy and interest in keeping your customers’ point of view in the forefront, constantly bringing questions back to what will serve them best
  • Knowledge of design softwares such as: Sketch, Figma, Marvel, Protopie, Maze; and comfortable to learn and explore new tools for the benefit of the process

Job Type: Temporary

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