I wanted to see the menu because I plan to order from your restaurant, however, I’m still new in this website and I don’t know where to find it. Can you tell me how?

Thank you for planning to order from our restaurant through this website. You can find the menu on the top left part of the page where the section ‘menu’ is located. The dishes, drinks and other meals or food are there and you can already see the prices atthe bottom of every dish or drink. If you are going to buy, just click the ‘order’ that is placed next to the prices of the food. We hope you find the best meals that you want to order.

Is the time for reservations set and is only available from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm? Can’t we make reservations earlier or later than that?

We’re sorry but yes, you can only make reservations from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm because the time was already set. The restaurant wants to avoid late reservations because the customers sometimes end up arriving later than the arranged time or will make reservations at a very late hour which is not good because our restaurant is open only until 11:00 pm. Such problems make the schedules a bit wrecked. We hope you can make reservations on time to avoid problems like before.

Hi, I was wondering if Porter Austin Ale House and Gastropub is open on Sundays as well? I’d really like to visit every Sunday so please tell me if ever you will.

Hello, thank you for the interest in going to our place. Currently, Porter Austin Ale House and Gastropub is not open every Sundays due to lack of manpower. But we are trying to remedy that issue.