About Us


Porter Austin Ale House started as a small diner when it was built by the owners. The restaurant didn’t gain much attention like the owners expected but maybe it was because the place was too small and it lacked something that the other restaurants have. Since the restaurant did not attract many customers, everyone decided to renovate the place, make it more appealing so it will be a better restaurant. With their hope and determination to make their business successful, they invested more for this place, hired more staff that will help them serve the customers and of course, gave their best efforts to find the best dishes and drinks that will make their place perfect.

It was never planned to be a gastropub but with the ideas of others and support from many people, they were able to create more ideas and form the best business strategies and plans. Because the place became so much different from the first time it was built, they gained more attention and started to catch attention from others. Back then, they never thought that the result of their hard work and plans will be good as soon as they opened the gastropub. Maybe it was because there’s not much gastropub in the area so the people were eager to experience the place and their services.

Now, Porter Austin Ale House and Gastropub became better, more relaxing, cozy and appealing to the eyes of many. The dishes and the drinks served here are also loved by a lot of people. They enjoy the place and we are glad to hear such good remarks and reviews from our dear customers, regular or not. It’s such a good thing that we are able to make a place that people find comfortable and relaxing yet enjoyable and fun. We hope that we will see more new faces here in our restaurant and gastropub soon.