Austin's Neighborhood Chef-Driven Gastropub

Inspired by a shared interest and passion for food and beverage, three longtime friends collaborated to live out their dream. Owners Joe Bixel, Neil Joiner and Trevor Lane bring an incomparable and well-crafted gastropub to the heart of South Austin, just minutes from downtown. Stemming from their mutual love for the Johnny Cash song “Hey Porter,” the name Porter Gastropub hints at the porter style of beer associated with the working class in England, suggesting the restaurant’s aim of creating an approachable and inviting ambience. With a vast beer selection, curated with local and imported brews, and a few cocktails and wines on tap offered, Porter has the goods to back it up—in the form of tasty pub staples, with a bit of an updated twist. Beer cheese fondue, pierogies and charcuterie plates are just a few of the delectable menu items, ensuring there is something for everyone. Armed with the overarching goal to serve the best in a no-frills, approachable manner, guests are invited to sit down, have a beer, a few bites, and stay a while.


Neil Joiner, Owner/Chef

A native of Dublin, TX, and one of the owners and chefs of Porter Gastropub, Neil Joiner grew up in the south with a love for food and hospitality; an interest that was only intensified by his food-loving grandmother. As a child, Joiner would observe her in the kitchen while she prepared meals of Texas staples from scratch and freshly grown vegetables pulled straight from her garden. Becoming fascinated with watching Julia Child and Jacques...


Trevor Lane, Owner/Manager

Being brought up on a family-owned ranch in Alice, TX, was no easy task for Trevor Lane, the manager and one of the owners of Porter Gastropub. He learned the true meaning of hard work, where he was taught how to raise cattle, farm and hunt. Although his father wanted him to manage the family ranch, Lane found a deeply rooted interest in the culinary and hospitality world. He admired the liveliness of restaurants that he dined at and was...


Joe Bixel, Owner

A Plainfield, New Jersey native and certified sommelier, Joe Bixel, one of the chefs and owners of Porter Gastropub, developed a love for food and wine in his early years. Learning how to cook from his grandfather, a former cook for the navy, as well as possessing an admiration for Julia Child’s love of French cuisine, Bixel knew he wanted to become a chef at a young age.

Bixel began his foray into the culinary world in New York,...

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